“After today’s music, I have to write to tell you that some deep healing happened in me while I was listening and sleeping ~ a healing on a psychological and spiritual level”.      ~ hospice patient



“Mom had, had a difficult morning and needed oxygen and morphine. While [the harpist] played, Mom rested comfortable in her chair, her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face. The harp music helped to relax my mother and she looked so at peace”.    ~ family member



“After hearing you play I know why King David’s playing the harp was so comforting to King Saul. ..thank you for the therapy for both of us”.      ~husband’s wife suffering from CHF


“With the help of [the] beautiful harp music, Mom peacefully passed. Those of us who were there truly believe that [this] music helped Mom pass. But, the music also helped our family members say goodbye in a calm and loving environment. …my hope is that all of us can pass in such a peaceful way”.      ~ family of hospice patient