” The addition of Pamela and her elegant harp to therapeutic milieu has been invaluable. The patients enjoy the peaceful sounds and it stimulates conversation.”

Melanie Novick, Nurse Practitioner, CMC Behavior Services Unit


“The impact Pamela has on our milieu for staff and patients when she joins us to play her harp is indescribable. The calming presence it has is felt by those sitting next to her or just walking by. Noticeably, people stop what they are doing to embrace the moment and reflect. Pamela has a unique sense of what the patients need and adapts how and what she plays based on the needs of the unit. I am amazed by the outcomes during her time on the unit that last well after she leaves. We are beyond grateful for this therapeutic component to our treatment.”

Maureen Coats, Recreation Therapist, CMC Behavior Services Unit

“We support Compassion Harp because this music touches the soul. Regi’s parents were musicians and her mother, especially, found the music she loved (piano jazz) both stimulating and comforting near the end of her life. Judy’s father delighted in hearing his favorite old Italian songs while in hospice. Because we both have been deeply touched by music, we agree that we would find beauty and healing in the harp’s music in our illness, old age or passing. Compassion Harp is as close as one can get to “the music of the spheres.”

Judy Saul and Reggie Teasley, donors


“I am glad to give you my reasons for donating to CompassionHarp. As the medical director at Hospicare I have seen first hand and also learned from our staff about the amazing effects that therapeutic harp can have on patients and their families as they traverse the complicated terrain of terminal illness. Patients and their kin who experience Jayne’s sensitive healing musical interaction have demonstrable relief emotionally and also physically, with lowered heart rate and blood pressure. Patients who live with dementia and are nonverbal sometimes respond to this music with new alertness and communication. Patients who are suffering find relief from their symptoms as they relax and enjoy the harp’s music. I think it can be as important a therapeutic modality as pharmacotherapy and psychological counselling.”

Suzanne Anderson,MD


“My beloved wife suffered a stroke in April and when she was in the rehabilitation unit, Jayne came and shared a beautiful time of peaceful music which brought calm to a situation fraught with uncertainty, fear, and almost hopelessness. It’s amazing how harp music soothes the soul and calms the body.Thank you Jayne….”

Rev. Robert McCune


“At Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation, therapeutic music offered by CompassionHarp practitioners has inspired joy, encouraged opportunities for sharing, socialization, and has developed a more cheerful outlook to daily life. The impact on our bed bound residents especially is so effective on increasing their well-being and quality of life.”

Jon Eilers-Lloyd, Director of Recreation & Volunteer Services


” Watching Pamela play her harp for patients fills me with peace and awe. There is such love in the space she creates for us. Those listening feel the transcendent nature of this music as it connects us to each other and that which is beyond ourselves.

We had a patient here for many months who was in a lot of emotional distress. She had a cognitive impairment and limited speech. As Pamela played harp for her , I watched the stress lines in her face smooth out. I watched her lift her head towards the harp and watch Pamela with joy, and then I watched her hum along. In other rooms, where patients are actively dying, I have watched a comfort embrace the family surrounding their loved one as Pamela plays her beautiful music. Etched into my memory forever is the man alone in his hospital room, for whom music had been a life companion. Jayne came and played her harp for him, bringing all that he loved to him in grace in his final hours.

I am grateful to have Pamela and Jayne at Cayuga Medical Center with therapeutic compassion harp.”

Tziona Szajman, Jewish Chaplain at CMC


“After today’s music, I have to write to tell you that some deep healing happened in me while I was listening and sleeping ~ a healing on a psychological and spiritual level”.

 ~ hospice patient


“Mom had, had a difficult morning and needed oxygen and morphine. While [the harpist] played, Mom rested comfortable in her chair, her eyes were closed and a smile was on her face. The harp music helped to relax my mother and she looked so at peace”.

~ family member


“After hearing you play I know why King David’s playing the harp was so comforting to King Saul. ..thank you for the therapy for both of us”.

~husband’s wife suffering from CHF


“With the help of [the] beautiful harp music, Mom peacefully passed. Those of us who were there truly believe that [this] music helped Mom pass. But, the music also helped our family members say goodbye in a calm and loving environment. …my hope is that all of us can pass in such a peaceful way”.

~ family of hospice patient