July 28, 2019 CompassionHarp Fundraising Event

There’s something created that becomes eternal and timeless with the sharing of enlightened music, food and companionship. At CompassionHarp’s latest fund-raising event, open hearts and generosity composed a beautiful song of love that will serve so many vulnerable individuals in our community this year.

Cynthia and Jonathan Lunine, with the CompassionHarp Steering Committee, hosted this home concert in late July to a full house. Samite anchored the entertainment with resonant and soul-searching melodies, added by the blissful strings of Elizabeth Simkin’s cello, both in duet and in exquisite solos.

Jayne Demakos offered lilting harp and vocals that illustrated a taste of the Therapeutic Harp experience patients receive when she visits. Pamela Goddard led our voices in a community sing—and provided personal, vibrant stories of her experiences with patients who are attended by this new adjunct therapy.

Cayuga Medical Center Chaplain Timothy Dean described the important value of these clinical interventions in the Emergency Department, Behavioral Unit, Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and the associated benefits to hospital staff, who often are working with very stressful circumstances.

Conversations and the building of community highlighted a truly lovely experience for all present. We thank all the generous donors who were able to attend, but also many who provided funding by mail afterward. Nearly $4,000 was raised, all for therapeutic music services to patients.


Cynthia Lunine, November 2019